Support the east-west rail link

What is east-west rail?

East-west rail is a proposed new rail link between Oxford and East Anglia, connecting cities such Oxford, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Ipswich with a direct rail service. This is not a new service as a rail link similar to this existed until the 1960s. The only part that remains in regular passenger use today is the line between Oxford and Bicester. As such, this campaign is half about reopening a line and establishing a much needed rail link.


For more information on the link and its route, see the east-west rail consortium website 

Why east-west rail?

There are two principal reasons to support the east-west link. Firstly, many journeys between the cities and towns that this line would link up are prohibitively lengthy by rail at present. As an example, a journey between Oxford and Ipswich can currently take well over three hours by rail and requires a trip via London. An east-west link would dramatically reduce travelling time between these places and reduce  congestion levels in London.  Congestion is also the second principle. The arc between Oxford and East Anglia is expected to see a major growth in population over the next twenty years, with the MK2031 just one example of major growth projects for this area. Traffic congestion, already a problem in many of the towns in this arc, will simply become intolerable if new rail links are not provided. In short, east-west rail can provide a solution to problems both present (lack of decent links, London congestion) and in the future (major population and traffic growth).


What to do

East-west rail has been talked about for years, almost for as long as it has been closed in fact. Despite several major reports and studies giving enormous support for the scheme, the Government has remained very apathetical towards it, mainly on the grounds of cost. As a result, we must show the powers that be that the public supports and wants east-west rail. To do this you can sign the petition on the Downing street website, write to or email your MP urging them to support it, contact the Department for Transport, expressing your support and asking them what the current status of east-west rail is or, as a possible last resort, you can contact the Train Operating Companies to express your support and ask them what their position is on it. 


This is not really a site for chatting about the project, more for taking action to see the project be completed.  

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